Comedy Hall of Fame’s Grace Fraga and her Hilarious, Life-Changing Cancer & Diet Recovery Story

‘What foods NOT to eat to prevent cancer?’ ‘What plant-based body and household products to use?’ ‘How to Survive the Worst Day of Your Life’  or ‘How to Create Miracles in the Midst of a Crisis’ ~ A phenomenal show with the hilarious and amazing Grace Fraga. TV producer, standup comedienne, relationship expert, cancer survivor, and bestselling author. Godshots Mental Health podcast with Lydia Cornell and Darlene Sperlazza, R.N.  

Einstein said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Mental Health Series    A conversation about synchronicity and serendipity. These are true stories of everyday miracles. Are they miracles or merely coincidences? You decide. A godshot is not a religious term. It’s a glimpse of uncanny synchronicity and sends chills down your spine or gives you a rush of joy and recognition.

Published by godshotsadmin

Founder of GodShots® Mental Health Podcast and Book Series ~ True Stories of Everyday Miracles, Uncanny Coincidence and Synchronicity.

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